Want to boost up your engagement on social media but find it overwhelming to come up with post ideas, or to create attractive images?  


This includes 12 months of originally designed Interactive posts.  You'll have access to 12 monthly folders that each contain a combination of over 30 image and text posts.  Even better, the posts have already been preloaded into the BOARDS APP so you can quickly share them into your social media platforms with just the click of a button.  NO need to waste time saving images to your phone.   Schedule an entire month's worth of posts for your business page or customer group in minutes.  


When you purchase you'll have instant access to the FEBRUARY and MARCH boards -- subsequent boards will be added 15 days before each month begins through January 2022.


Months include a variety of posts, including some specific to holidays and seasons. 


** Please add your EMAIL to the NOTES section to complete your purchase and have access ** 


Have any questions?  Please don't hesitate to reach out! 

12 Month Interactive Posts

  • As this is a digital item, there are no refunds. 

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