Organize your life better with Trello

I'm a paper person.

Always have been. I write things down to keep track of things, to learn, to organize. But I'm also a messy person. Creative people almost always are. So, while I spent productive time making lists and getting organized, I spent a LOT of unproductive time trying to FIND my lists and dig through papers and notebooks. Leads would get lost. To-do lists would get forgotten about. Packages wouldn't get mailed out.

No more.

I discovered Trello and my whole world has changed for the better.

What is Trello? The question should be what can Trello NOT do. It's genius y'all. Think digital boards that organize your entire life. No, I'm not exaggerating. In less than a week of discovering Trello, I have organized my home project, my business to do lists, my social media leads, my team training, my diet and exercise program and even my meal planning.

All in ONE app.

It's hard to explain all the possibilities of this little gem that's going to change the way you organize things, so let me just give you a quick little tour of how I use it with my direct sales business and also my life. You're welcome!

You can add templates for online parties (and your team and copy the entire board to create their own)

Checklist for training and onboarding.

I mean, I am using it for pretty much EVERYTHING!

I mean, heck! Even Meal Planning and recipe sharing!

Try it out, share with your team or upline, or family. You'll be so excited to find a solution for any chaos in your life!! I know I was!

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