How to use TIK TOK for your business

Did you know that Tik Tok is one of the FASTEST-GROWING social media outlets at the moment? Yup!! As being there in the BEGINNING is a huge key for getting a head start as it grows even bigger. Your potential reach can be EVEN bigger on Tik Tok than your current social media accounts. In fact the growth with ADULT USE on Tik Tok is 5.5x more than other social media apps.

With Tik Tok, you can grow a following very quickly, and then use it to direct people to your OTHER social media accounts (business page or instagram). On your Tik Tok account you can link it directly to your Instagram account.


Find your niche, just like you do with your other social accounts. Pick your top 3-5 things to focus on. Maybe it's dogs, fashion, makeup, momlife, etc . . But you don't want to be doing crazy random things all over the place. You want to be the same TYPE of person on instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok to keep those followers in all outlets.


Use Hashtags based on the type of video your using to help people find you. Direct them to the AUDIENCE you are wanting -- so maybe #overthirty #hotmessmom #momlife -- hashtags people that YOU are trying to attract, will relate to.


Stay trending. You can look up what is trending-- that is what is currently popular, so why not capitalize on that? Use the trendy sounds, the trendy dances, etc . On TikTok it's OKAY to copy what other people have done. In fact, you can even save the sounds you want to reuse later. Watch what someone else has done and then totally recreate it on your own.


Make the videos! Don't overthink it - just make them and do a lot and do it consistently. It's all about videos on Tik Tok. Decide how much time you'll commit or how many videos you will do. Maybe it's a few videos a week or 1-3 videos a day.


Direct your audience on TikTok back to your other social media accounts. If you do a contest on Instagram, share it on TikTok. Ask your TikTok followers what their instagram handle is so you can follow them or comment on their posts.


Can you go live on TikTok?

Once you get 1000 followers then YES, you can go live on TikTok

Do you need to upload your own music?

Nope! Use the sounds and music within the app for best results.

Can you edit videos on TikTok?

Yes! You can edit the videos you make within the app and it's SUPER simple to use.

Do you have to dance on TikTok?

Of course not! One of the best ways I've seen people to use Tik Tok is teaching something - giving back value - and then directing them back to another social media account (Instagram or Facebook).

Remember, it's better DONE than PERFECT. Go try it out, and you'll find a NEW way to attract a fun audience that is looking.

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