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Kids home for one day and you're already going nuts lol? Wondering how to stay productive while also getting your kids help around the house. How are you going to entertain your kids all summer long???

I loved this idea from a friend of mine to help keep your summer organized and keep your kids encouraged to do the things you'd like them to do each day.

There is a column for each weekday (Monday through Friday) for your kids to check off daily chores or responsibilities. To make it fun, feel free to add your own reward system (ex: once we get 50 stickers or boxes checked off ... we will go to a movie).

There are 7 spots to add your own daily tasks. Consider including things like "do a kind deed for someone else" :) -- but these can be ANYTHING you'd like.

The squares fit those fun little smiley face stickers - but you could totally just color them in or do checkmarks. Whatever floats your boat ;) ...

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