2021 6 Month Direct Sales Planner 


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     - Vision Board

     - Direct Sales Tips

     - Time-Saving Tech Tips

     - Social Media Success Tips

     - Link to a video that shows you HOW to use the planner and gives you access to freebies! 

2) 6 Month Progress Tracker

3) Dated Monthly &  Weekly Grids with a vertical layout (choose your options)

4) Business Section

       - Monthly Goal Setting & Review

       - Mileage Tracker

       - Expenses & Income Tracker


5) Customer Tracking Section

6) Host Tracking Section - set up for "affiliates", but works for parties or online events as well

5) Contact Section

    - Monthly List of 100 Prospects

    - Leads & Contacts

6) Mailing List Section 

    - Track Customer Orders, Team Incentives, and Samples

7) Team Tracking Section

     - New Team Member Tracking

     - Team Organization Planning

     - Rockstart Tracking

9) Notes Section




LIVING MY BEST LIFE | 2021 6 MONTH Direct Sales Planner

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