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FINALLY a planner made FOR direct sellers by a direct sales leader

THE Direct Sales Planner!
2020 Planners available NOW! 
THREE different versions:
JAN-JUN  2020 Direct Sales Planner
JUL - DEC 2020 Direct Sales Planner
OR grab our BIG BIZ BOOK that JUST has the business pages :) 
* laminated front and back cover
* year in review
* goal sheet
* monthly grids
* weekly grids
* monthly planning
* daily checklist

- business tasks specific to direct sales / social marketing
- place to record exercise, water usage, meals
- notes

* full of inspiring quotes on almost every page
* team watchlist page
* monthly mailings spreadsheet
* business budget spreadsheet
* monthly mileage tracker
* customer tracking and followup
* leads tracker
* notes pages
* tabbed full color monthly dividers
* 30 & 31 day sales tracker for your personal business and team

Is specific enough for direct sales but generic enough to work for ANY company. Daily tracker is geared toward social marketing businesses.
Why 6 months?  I also work a direct sales business and have always loved planners - but found the ones that had what I needed were huge and cumbersome and frankly, I never took them with me everywhere, which is what I needed to do. 
I designed a 6 month planner to have everything you need, in the perfect size to fit in your purse and take on the go so you will actually USE it.